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Land Starters

Stout-braised Pork Belly


Our house-cut and prepared pork belly, seared and braised in local stout, fresh veggie hash

Chicken wings


The best you’ve ever had, maybe. We don’t know where you’ve been so who are we to say? Ask your server about our sauce and rub selection

Fried Pickles


They’re pickled. They’re battered. They’re fried. Enough said

Mac N' Cheese


Chefs award winning 3 cheese mac n cheese topped with bread crumbs. 

Add smoked brisket $2, Add crab meat $4

Mozzarella Bites


Pretzel encrusted mozzarella bites deep fried and served with warm marinara

Sea Starters

Fried Green Tomato with Crab-cheese


Fresh, local green tomatoes from our friends at Chesterfield Heirlooms, battered, fried then topped with our signature creamy, cheese crab spread and a sweet and sour glaze

Crabby Pretzel


It’s a pretzel. There’s crab dip. Locals favorite!!


French Onion Soup


Find out what the chef has prepared today! Always fresh and made from scratch.


Classic Creamy Caesar


Add chicken, shrimp, crab balls or smokey goodies
(ask your server)

Boxcar Salad


Greens, pickled red onion, strawberries, candied nuts, goat cheese etc.

Chesterfield Caprese


Local Pittsville tomatoes, basil oil, fresh mozzarella, smoked sea salt, EV Olive oil

Kale Power Salad


Fresh local kale, candied pecans, pickled onions, craisins tossed in a miso vinagrette 




With thick-cut house-smoked bacon

Add fried red tomato or Guacamole  farmer Dawn’s specialty

Pulled Pork


Carolina, Alabama White or Kansas City Sauce

Brisket Grilled Cheese


Aged sharp cheddar and house-smoked brisket

Boxcar Smash Burger


Our chuck/brisket/short rib blend in an 8-ounce patty, seasoned and grilled and served on a killer kaiser with your choice of cheese. 

Add bacon or a fried egg!

Chicken Cheesesteak


Fresh breast of chicken seasoned to perfection & flat-topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms with provolone cheese.

Crab Cake Sammie


Blue Crab in our homemade dressing and only a touch of cracker crumb.

Smoked Stuff

*We use a traditional smoker and it takes upwards of 19 hours to cook some of our products. As such, it is only available until we run out!



14-hour brisket flat served with choice of sides

Pork Ribs


half rack house smoked pork ribs served with choice of 2 sides

Pulled Pork


Tender, smoked, delicious pulled pork served with choice of sauce (carolina, kansas city, or alabama white) served with 2 sides

Grilled Ribeye


House cut CAB choice ribeye steak grilled to perfection!!!


Seafood Risotto


House-crafted risotto prepared with various stocks and vegetables, topped with dry scallops and shrimp. Tell your server if you want them blackened or seared with butter, garlic and lemon

Fresh Fish


Ask your server about our daily selection and feel free to also ask how long it’s been on premises! We like fresh here!

Shrimp & Grits


Of course we must have this dish! What American restaurant in their right mind wouldn’t? Chef Paul’s award- winning cheesy grits topped with, you guessed it, shrimp

Maryland Crab Cake


Made from blue crab in the Maryland-style

Choice of single or twins




Tomato-Cucumber Salad


Pan-fried Green Beans


Roasted Red Potatoes


Cole Slaw


Broccoli slaw


Cheesy Grits


Mac N Cheese



Fresh Berries


With whipped crème fraiche

Assorted Fresh Desserts


Change daily so ask your server

For the Tykes

Available for kids 12 and under, please

Served with fries and a drink

All-beef hot dog


Our kosher dawg grilled and served on a bun

Pulled pork sammie


Just a smaller version of our world-famous pulled pork

Grommet Burger


1/4 lb version of our classic blended burger. With or without cheese.

Chicken tenders


The best chicken tenders we could find. They're so good, you might even catch chef eating them!

Grilled cheese



Mac N Cheese


Chefs awarding winning mac n cheese!!

Prime Rib Mondays!

Hickory-smoked prime rib; anyone else's is simply child's play!  Served with two sides, Alabama White Sauce (Think Horsey) and au jus. ***Only available on Mondays!!!!

8-ounce Prime Rib


Hickory-smoked all afternoon in our 300# smoker, served with two of our homemade sides, white horsey BBQ sauce and au jus

12-ounce Prime Rib


The same hickory-smoked goodness of its little brother, this roasted beef is absolutely stunning.

Sportfish Catering

Prepared and cooled assortment of food specifically designed for all-day and overnight offshore fishing trips. Hot food comes with reheating directions.

Food must be ordered by 9 AM on the day prior to the trip. Food can be delivered for a $25 fee or picked up by the mate or the poor bastard who drew the short straw.

Delivering to all Ocean City MD Marinas. bc40 will coordinate delivery with the crew. Minimum order $100 (plus delivery fee if applicable)


* These items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness