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Our Menu

Land Starters

Sea Starters




Smoked Stuff

*We use a traditional smoker and it takes upwards of 19 hours to cook some of our products. As such, it is only available until we run out!




For the Tykes

Available for kids 12 and under, please

Served with fries and a drink

Prime Rib Mondays!

Hickory-smoked prime rib; anyone else's is simply child's play!  Served with two sides, Alabama White Sauce (Think Horsey) and au jus. ***Only available on Mondays!!!!

Fishin' Food

Prepared and cooled assortment of food specifically designed for all-day and overnight offshore fishing folk. Hot food comes with reheating directions.

Food must be ordered by 9 AM on the day prior to the trip. Food can be delivered for a $20 fee or picked up by the mate or the poor bastard who drew the short straw.

Delivering to all Ocean City MD Marinas. bc40 will coordinate delivery with the crew. Minimum order $100